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Get $200 to Start your SitA Circle!


Are you a Sitter with friends that babysit & families that you already sit for?


Are you a Parent who uses babysitters & often shares them with your friends?


If your answer is YES, then be the first to start your SitA Circle as a SitA Ambassador and be rewarded with $200 Cash!


Enter your details below & we will contact you if you qualify.

† The Rules:


To be eligible for $200 cash††, SitA Circle must first qualify you in writing via email as a SitA Ambassador, then you are required to:


- Download the SitA Circle App AND

- Connect* with at least 3 sitters or families AND

- Connect* with at least 3 friends AND

- Within your SitA Circle, the completion of at least 2 valid bookings** must be made within 2 months*** of setting up your circle.


Tip! The more you connect, the faster you will get to your SitA Ambassador reward.


†† $200 cash means, $200 Australian dollars and will be transferred via direct debit into your nominated account within two weeks, once the eligibility criteria have been met. Any applicable tax liability is payable by the recipient.

*Connect, means the person invited, registers in the SitA Circle App and connects with you and that person is a real person and was not already registered with SitA Circle.


** Valid bookings, means two bookings that have been completed with payment via the payment gateway in the app using the Pay Now button for a minimum of 3 hours per booking. The bookings are just required within your circle and may not be with you.


*** 2 months means, 2 months from the date you have been qualified as a SitA Ambassador.

SitA Ambassador spots are limited!

By pressing send you are agreeing to The Rules below.

Success! Your application has been recieved!

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